Gemstones: Investing in the rainbow of preciousness

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Sending an emotional lifelong message.

Gemstones for centuries have been revered for many reasons: for hundreds of years only royalty could possess gemstones, or the ancient legends of colored gemstones and their magical powers. One thing is certain – colored gemstones represented as birthstones or as a favorite of the intended recipient – all are a welcome and special gift surely to become treasured as a family heirloom.

When choosing a piece of gemstone jewelry, many directions can whet the appetite for a gemstone wardrobe – traditional birthstones, Favorite Color, Colors of a favorite sports team, high school or collegiate colors, pink or blue for a newborn, or the colors of a wedding.

Birthstones are considered as lucky charms by many. Wearing the appropriate traditional birthstones can heal your body and soothe your mind. Birthstones are a great way of harnessing the cosmic power of planets and using it to enhance your living.

Though it is generally accepted that the custom of birthstones originated from the Breastplate of Aaron, a religious article which held twelve gemstones representing the twelve tribes of Israel, and though it is also probable that these stones were assigned according to astrological sign, in recent times it has become popular to appoint the variety of birthstones to the months of the year.

Birthstones are a wonderful way to really personalize a piece of jewelry. Giving that certain someone a jewelry gift, and adding the “birthstone touch” makes it special. In addition any custom jewelry made at Warren Jewelers or most any piece currently in our showcases can be modified to accommodate the stone, or multiple stones, of your choice!

Some historians believe that each birthstone may have originally been worn throughout the year by everyone, in rhythm with the zodiac, since each gemstone’s powers were heightened during its respective month. If so, why not start your own collection of birthstone jewelry, one for each month of the year?


Jewelry Insurance? Reasons to insure your jewelry

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There is alot to talk about when the subject of jewelry insurance comes up and is one of the most common questions we get at Warren Jewelers. Should the unforeseeable occur and you suffer a loss, we work closely with your insurance company to help you with replacement or compensation of your valuable jewelry or family heirloom.
Reasons to insure your jewelry
Jewelry is one of the top three largest personal property purchases in your life. You do have insurance on your home and car but those do not have the great sentimental value your jewelry has. It does not matter if it is your wedding ring, diamond earrings you received from your mother or grandmother. Part of taking care of these items is insuring them. Make sure your insurance will cover loss from theft, accidental loss and damage.
Reasons to buy a stand-alone policy
Private jewelry insurance gives you choices that a standard homeowners or renters policy may not. Price is one of the main considerations for private jewelry insurance because it offers to replace your item with like kind and quality and not a cash amount that lowers your cost to insure the item. With a private jewelry insurance policy you do not risk the premiums on your homeowners or renters policy in the case of loss. You can also choose a deductible from $0 to $500.00. The larger the deductible the better the discount.
Things you need to know about Jewelry Insurance:
Insurance Regulations
State laws differ but are regulated by the Insurance Commissioner and insurance departments of the individual states. Some states tightly regulate insurance company contract language and other states allow insurance companies to write contracts with their own language. You should discuss your insurance needs with your insurance agent. If you do suffer a loss you do have the right to choose the jeweler who you trust to replace the item. Your insurance company may make suggestions but it is up to you to tell your insurance companying whom you would like to use to replace the item.
Insurance Coverage
Most jewelry is covered under your homeowners or renters insurance policy. You can also buy private jewelry insurance so a loss will not affect your homeowner rates. 
Basic Insurance
Unscheduled personal property includes jewelry which would be covered by your homeowners or renters insurance. However, in most policies not all losses are covered. In addition there are low dollar limits on unscheduled personal property. In a case of a large theft you may only be covered for a total loss as low as $500.00 compensation. For any item of jewelry with a value over $1000.00 you should schedule your jewelry to cover specific items. This is done with a Personal Articles Floater, which is attached to a homeowner or renters policy. You can also purchase a stand-alone or private jewelry insurance policy. The coverage on these types of insurance can be very broad covering all types of losses with very few exclusions.
Premiums or Cost to Insure
Prices to insure items can vary from state to state. They can also vary from different insurance companies serving the same area. Most rates are quoted per $100.00 of insurance coverage. Some companies have a standard rate; others have graduated rates, which may change depending on the value of your item. You can save from paying excessive premiums by raising your deductible or opt for a private jewelry insurance policy. You should do some comparison-shopping. Even an alarm system or safe in your home may add up to discounts on your insurance.
Loss Settlement Options
The most common types of settlements are:
  • Replace it with a like kind and quality
  • Pay you the actual cash value, known as A.C.V.
  • Repair the jewelry
  • Pay you an amount equal to the cash equivalent
  • Pay you for the item’s scheduled amount
These are not the only options but are the most common types. Most people assume the scheduled value or amount is based on just the appraisal. People assume that the appraised value is what they will receive if there is a loss. That is not the case. A cash-out type payment is bases on an item’s actual cash value (A.C.V.). This means replacement cost at the time of loss. This can be determined less depreciation or value of gold, diamond, gems, etc. at the time of loss. You should understand that there is no way to predict what you will receive if a loss occurs in the future. That is one of the reasons you may want to request the insurance company replaces the item with a new item of like kind and quality. A new item will have no wear and tear and can be replaced at current value. The A.C.V. can be much lower and you may not be able to replace the same item with a cash payment.
Paperwork you need
You need to supply your insurance company with copies of paperwork such as sales receipts, current appraisals and certificates on gemstones from independent laboratories such as GIA Gemological Institute of America, E.G.L. European Gemological Laboratory or one of the many other independent laboratories. If your appraisal does not include an independent laboratory certificate you should take your item to an independent laboratory to have your item appraised to be sure that qualities are consistent and that the jewelry is what you think it is. Appraisals need to be kept up to date even if you have had your jewelry appraised in the past and you already have a policy on it. If it has been two or more years since you have updated your appraisal you could have problems if you have a loss so, keep your paperwork up to date. Appraisals should be done by a Graduate Gemologist, G.G. and should include a photo for your records. Documentation is the best way to protect yourself.  All the staff at Warren Jewelers is knowledgeable about what jewelry should be appraised and insured and can help you navigate this so you do not over insure. 
Jewelry Warranties
A lot of jewelers offer all types of extended warranties. Some are free, no extra charge, and others charge for an extended warranty. You should think it over before you pay money for a warranty. This is adding to the price you paid for that item and evaluate what you are getting for that extra money. Warranties do not take the place of insurance. Even if you have the best comprehensive warranty, it is not insurance. If a warranty is offered make sure to follow the terms of that warranty, such as having your jewelry cleaned and checked at regular intervals. This should be basic care and maintenance. The only way to protect your jewelry is to have an insurance rider on it from the day you purchase it.

Set a diamond at an angle for a fresh, interesting look

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Ladies new diamond wedding ring.

I know you see lovely wedding rings with the nice square cut princess cut diamond or perhaps a radiant or cushion cut diamond set in the center.  However, you want something a little different.  Try having the diamond set at an angle.  This one is a 3/4 carat cushion cut that was removed from an old setting.  It modernizes it and makes it also look bigger in the ring by setting it point up.  It has been enhanced with a 4 prong, split prong head.  Go for the unique, you don’t have to be square.

The Barefoot Bride

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If you aren’t the Vintage Bride or Contemporary Bride, maybe you are the Barefoot Bride.

The Barefoot Bride is all about going green. She is easygoing,  loves shopping the local co-op or whole foods market, does yoga and, now that it’s summer, can often  be found hiking or on a weekend camping trip.

 The Dress: Her dress will be lightweight and comfortable. It will be something pretty and earthy, but not too showy. She isn’t as concerned with fashion as she is with being herself.

 The Ring: The Barefoot Bride is an individualist, and often her style is very eclectic.  She loves nature inspired designs with simple flowing lines.  Being environmentally conscious she will prefer to use recycled gold. If family member have any gold that they don’t use or wear anymore, it can be melted down to make her a custom ring.

The Perfect Gift-Earthy Pendant or Necklace: Look for something unusual and earthy. A pendant with the Opal still in the rock would be beautiful. Or find her a cool strand of Lapis or Pyrite beads. Again, go with something that is made with recycled gold or use your own!

If you or someone you know is the Barefoot Bride, stop by Warren Jewelers to get unique ring and gift ideas. All of our gold is recycled and we can help you recycle yours as well!

The Contemporary Bride

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If the Vintage Bride sounds nothing like you, you may be its opposite: The Contemporary Bride.

Not all women are into the frills and lace associated with the traditional wedding. The contemporary bride is someone that is not necessarily into sentiment. When it comes to style, both at home and in her wardrobe, she likes things that are streamlined, artistic and minimalist. 

The Dress: Her dress will be simple and fitted. Chances are she won’t want a train dragging behind her, but instead will chose something short or even wear a suit.

The Ring: When it comes to jewelry she likes chunky and artistic signature pieces with clean lines. If she includes accent diamonds they will be set in channels, bezels, or gypsy set down into the gold. While she may choose a Round for her center diamond, it is more likely she will ask for a Princess cut or even a Trillion.

The Perfect Gift- Gold Slide Pendant: Bold jewelry stands out nicely against her sleek minimalist fashion choices. Something with clean lines and chunky geometric designs really make a daring statement. Especially when paired with wide Omega style chain. Add a little more oomph to the design with a large or unusually shaped colored stone.

Are you or is someone you know a Contemporary Bride? Let Warren Jewelers know!

The Vintage Bride

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Are you the Vintage Bride or do you know someone close to you that is?

The Vintage Bride is a die-hard romantic, a classic traditionalist. She loves sentimental themes, shopping for antiques, and family is very important to her. The idea of ‘Something-borrowed, Something blue’ will be very meaningful to her come the big day.

The Dress: She likes simple, pretty lines with lace and beading for decoration.  If it is available, she may even wear her mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress.

The Ring: When she walks into a jewelry store, she’ll be looking at the estate case or anything with a vintage inspired style. Something with filigree accents or a carved design will really strike her interest. If she has diamonds or gold passed down from her family, these can be used to make a beautiful custom ring

The Perfect Gift-Pearls: Pearls are timeless. They can be worn with anything, whether it’s with the dress on her wedding day, or a jeans and a t-shirt. Pair a strand with pearl stud earrings, or if she already has a strand of pearls, why not create a vintage style enhancer to attach to it? And remember, pearls are given with a kiss!

What Kind Of Bride Are You?

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What kind of bride are you?

Are you a die-hard romantic or a non-traditionalist? Will you be camping this summer or would you rather take advantage of all of the great summer deals at you favorite shops?

Wedding season is here, and whether you just got engaged, are about to get married, or have been married for years, Warren Jeweler’s would like to know: What kind of Bride are you?

And if you aren’t a bride to be, read on anyway! During the next few weeks we will be talking about the perfect gifts for all of the bride personalities!

Are you a Contemporary Bride? A Diva?
Would you say you are the Barefoot Bride? The Recessionista?
Or maybe you are the Vintage Bride?

Leave us a comment, Warren Jewelers would love to know!