March Birthstone Profile: Aquamarine

The name Aquamarine comes from the latin word ‘aqua’, meaning water, and ‘marina’, meaning sea. It is said that in the treasure chests of all mermaids, you will find an aqua marine given to them by Neptune, God of the Sea.

The color of Aquamarine ranges from pale pastel, to greenish-blue, to deep blue. The deeper the blue of this gemstone, the rarer, and more valuable, it is. This beautiful gemstone is mined in Brazil, Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Pakistan and Mozambique.

Aquamarine is said to be a symbol of youth, hope, health, and fidelity. It is also known to cool the temper, allowing the wearer to remain calm and level headed. Because it is cited as lending a soothing influence to married couples, it makes a perfect anniversary gift.

Speaking of anniversaries, Warren Jewelers is celebrating our 37th anniversary through the month of April. Stop in for some great deals on Aquamarine, as well as a huge variety of loose stones and custom jewelry!


~ by Warren Jewelers-Kirkland on March 30, 2010.

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