The Contemporary Bride

If the Vintage Bride sounds nothing like you, you may be its opposite: The Contemporary Bride.

Not all women are into the frills and lace associated with the traditional wedding. The contemporary bride is someone that is not necessarily into sentiment. When it comes to style, both at home and in her wardrobe, she likes things that are streamlined, artistic and minimalist. 

The Dress: Her dress will be simple and fitted. Chances are she won’t want a train dragging behind her, but instead will chose something short or even wear a suit.

The Ring: When it comes to jewelry she likes chunky and artistic signature pieces with clean lines. If she includes accent diamonds they will be set in channels, bezels, or gypsy set down into the gold. While she may choose a Round for her center diamond, it is more likely she will ask for a Princess cut or even a Trillion.

The Perfect Gift- Gold Slide Pendant: Bold jewelry stands out nicely against her sleek minimalist fashion choices. Something with clean lines and chunky geometric designs really make a daring statement. Especially when paired with wide Omega style chain. Add a little more oomph to the design with a large or unusually shaped colored stone.

Are you or is someone you know a Contemporary Bride? Let Warren Jewelers know!


~ by Warren Jewelers-Kirkland on June 25, 2010.

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