The Barefoot Bride

If you aren’t the Vintage Bride or Contemporary Bride, maybe you are the Barefoot Bride.

The Barefoot Bride is all about going green. She is easygoing,  loves shopping the local co-op or whole foods market, does yoga and, now that it’s summer, can often  be found hiking or on a weekend camping trip.

 The Dress: Her dress will be lightweight and comfortable. It will be something pretty and earthy, but not too showy. She isn’t as concerned with fashion as she is with being herself.

 The Ring: The Barefoot Bride is an individualist, and often her style is very eclectic.  She loves nature inspired designs with simple flowing lines.  Being environmentally conscious she will prefer to use recycled gold. If family member have any gold that they don’t use or wear anymore, it can be melted down to make her a custom ring.

The Perfect Gift-Earthy Pendant or Necklace: Look for something unusual and earthy. A pendant with the Opal still in the rock would be beautiful. Or find her a cool strand of Lapis or Pyrite beads. Again, go with something that is made with recycled gold or use your own!

If you or someone you know is the Barefoot Bride, stop by Warren Jewelers to get unique ring and gift ideas. All of our gold is recycled and we can help you recycle yours as well!


~ by Warren Jewelers-Kirkland on July 19, 2010.

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