Gemstones: Investing in the rainbow of preciousness

Sending an emotional lifelong message.

Gemstones for centuries have been revered for many reasons: for hundreds of years only royalty could possess gemstones, or the ancient legends of colored gemstones and their magical powers. One thing is certain – colored gemstones represented as birthstones or as a favorite of the intended recipient – all are a welcome and special gift surely to become treasured as a family heirloom.

When choosing a piece of gemstone jewelry, many directions can whet the appetite for a gemstone wardrobe – traditional birthstones, Favorite Color, Colors of a favorite sports team, high school or collegiate colors, pink or blue for a newborn, or the colors of a wedding.

Birthstones are considered as lucky charms by many. Wearing the appropriate traditional birthstones can heal your body and soothe your mind. Birthstones are a great way of harnessing the cosmic power of planets and using it to enhance your living.

Though it is generally accepted that the custom of birthstones originated from the Breastplate of Aaron, a religious article which held twelve gemstones representing the twelve tribes of Israel, and though it is also probable that these stones were assigned according to astrological sign, in recent times it has become popular to appoint the variety of birthstones to the months of the year.

Birthstones are a wonderful way to really personalize a piece of jewelry. Giving that certain someone a jewelry gift, and adding the “birthstone touch” makes it special. In addition any custom jewelry made at Warren Jewelers or most any piece currently in our showcases can be modified to accommodate the stone, or multiple stones, of your choice!

Some historians believe that each birthstone may have originally been worn throughout the year by everyone, in rhythm with the zodiac, since each gemstone’s powers were heightened during its respective month. If so, why not start your own collection of birthstone jewelry, one for each month of the year?


~ by Warren Jewelers-Kirkland on July 29, 2011.

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