37th Anniversary Sale

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This month is Warren Jewelers 37th Anniversary, and we’re celebrating by thanking you!

This week, April 12th-17th, stop by either our Burlington or Kirkland locations to spin the prize wheel for FREE and win! Prizes include: Gemstones, Tulip Jewelry, Cleaning Kits, and More!

Check out the extra special savings offered on merchandise throughout the store, and, because it’s our 37th Anniversary, we are giving away a .37carat diamond! Hurry in to enter!


March Birthstone Profile: Aquamarine

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The name Aquamarine comes from the latin word ‘aqua’, meaning water, and ‘marina’, meaning sea. It is said that in the treasure chests of all mermaids, you will find an aqua marine given to them by Neptune, God of the Sea.

The color of Aquamarine ranges from pale pastel, to greenish-blue, to deep blue. The deeper the blue of this gemstone, the rarer, and more valuable, it is. This beautiful gemstone is mined in Brazil, Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Pakistan and Mozambique.

Aquamarine is said to be a symbol of youth, hope, health, and fidelity. It is also known to cool the temper, allowing the wearer to remain calm and level headed. Because it is cited as lending a soothing influence to married couples, it makes a perfect anniversary gift.

Speaking of anniversaries, Warren Jewelers is celebrating our 37th anniversary through the month of April. Stop in for some great deals on Aquamarine, as well as a huge variety of loose stones and custom jewelry!

Birthstone Profile: Amethyst

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For centuries the color purple has been associated with royalty. Because of this, it is only natural that Amethyst has been as well. However, royalty isn’t the only thing the gemstone has been associated with, it is also a symbol of friendship.

Amethyst is considered a protective gemstone. It was known to protect crops against storms and insects, drive out evil spirits, and even protect the wearer from seduction. Of all of its protective qualities, this purple form of quartz is most commonly cited as having the power to protect against intoxication. In ancient times, to stay clearheaded and quick witted, alcohol would sometimes be drunk from Amethyst cups.

The purple color of Amethyst is as unique as it is alluring. Russian Empress Catherine the Great wanted it so much that she thousands of miners into the Ural Mountains to look for it. Today Amethyst can still be found in these mountains, however the largest, gem quality deposits are found in Brazil and Uruguay.

Your local Warren Jewelers has a huge selection of loose Amethyst that can be mounted into anything! Use your own gold to make a beautiful custom piece or take a peek at our huge selection of expertly crafted Amethyst jewelry!

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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Here at Warren Jewelers, we probably don’t have to tell you that Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. It’s the time of year when every time you enter a store, you find cupid winking at you from aisle after aisle of cards, boxes of candy, and flowers. If you are like most men, you’ve avoided shopping as long as you can, and now the big day is almost here. Those aisles are looking mighty tempting, you might as well grab something off the display and then you won’t have to think about it anymore. And all women love flowers and chocolate, right?


Valentine’s Day is a thoughtful, romantic holiday, remember? It’s a day to show your significant other how much you love and appreciate them. This year, show her how much you care by treating her to something that she wouldn’t treat herself to.

Need a some ideas? We’ve got 37 years experience in the romantic gift department, and we have a few ideas. We’ll even tell you how to present it in a way that she’ll remember forever.

1.Because the heart symbolizes love and passion, a heart pendant is the perfect romantic gift. It is a simple and classic way to show how much you love her.

Present it like this:
Pair it with a card. Choose a blank one with a beautiful picture on the front. Inside of it, write this: “My heart belongs close to yours. This Valentine’s Day I am giving it to you as a symbol of my love. Wear it close to yours for safekeeping so that they will never be parted.”

2.If she doesn’t like hearts, or already has a few, a simple diamond pendant or right hand ring is another option she’ll be sure to love.

Present it like this:
If she loves flowers, get her a bouquet of either 3 or 12 long stem roses. While she is admiring them, pull the pendant box out of your pocket. When you give it to her say this: “Roses are beautiful, and I know how much you love them, but I wanted you to have something that will last forever.”

3.Another classic Valentine’s Day alternative is colored stone jewelry. Give her a beautiful pendant or ring with either a pink, red, or purple gemstone to symbolize the holiday.

Present it like this:
Find a beautiful box of chocolates, with a nice big ribbon tied around it. Open it up and take out a few chocolates, and place the ring or pendant box in the center with the chocolates arranged around it. Tuck a note card into the ribbon with the message “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. I was lucky enough to get you.” When the opens the box she will be surprised to find the jewelry inside.

Remember, the key to romantic gift giving is that little extra effort. By giving her a beautiful piece of jewelry, along with flowers or a handwritten card, you can be sure that she will remember that effort every time she puts it on. We’ll even wrap it for you!

Flowers and chocolates only last so long. Your local Warren Jewelers will help you make this Valentine’s Day one she’ll never forget.

Add Some Color to your Ring

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Don’t want traditional white diamond?  That’s OK.  Here at Warren Jewelers we encourage individuality. Don’t be afraid to try a beautiful blue, green or pink diamond for some extra wow!  Remember, your jewelry is a representation of your unique style, so don’t be afraid to be a little less traditional with it!

Today’s Hot Ring Trend

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It seems for ladies today’s favorite style incorporates swirls and feminity.  Rings like this bypass ring are flying out of the custom shop.  You can use your diamonds and old gold to make one of your own.  By custom making this ring you can adapt it to your own unique style. For example, using  two-tone white and yellow gold or all white gold. Both look fantastic, bright and sparkly.  Top it off with a one carat diamond and you have a show stopper.

The ring’s the thing. Tips for choosing the right ring for you.

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The most important reason for a ring is symbolism of the love the couple will share for life. A plain iron hoop was the forerunner of today’s engagement ring. The old Roman tradition (23 AD) was to give a ring as a symbol of the cycle of life and eternity and a public pledge that the marriage contract would be honored. In the 15th century a diamond was added to and signified fidelity. Today, a fashionable solitaire is the most popular pledge of marriage.

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